​​​​Our magnificent hand turned wooden cremation urns for ashes make the perfect memorial for your loved one. The unique warmth and beauty of our wooden cremation urns help reflect the memories and special character of the individual it serves.

Individual wooden cremation urns are designed to hold the entire cremains of one person. Keepsake wooden cremation urns are designed to hold the cremains of a child, pet, or a portion of an adult's ashes. Companion wooden cremation urns are designed to hold the cremains of two adults. 

These wooden cremation urns are crafted using hardwoods from around the world and constructed employing a process known as Segmented Woodturning. Our segmented urns are offered in a wide variety of sizes. Full sized Individual Urns, smaller Keepsake Urns, and larger Companion Urns. 

Many of our urns use the exclusive seal and open lid design. Rotate the finial clockwise to seal and counter clockwise to open. This unique design makes it easy to scatter some or all the ashes at a later date, and add or remove memorial objects inside the wooden cremation urn.

Wooden Cremation Urns

Artistic Cremations Urns will be closed May 24th thru June 6th. All orders will be processed June 7th.

Artistic Cremation Urns

The Perfect Memorial for Your Loved One